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4 unique nutrients

QuattroCardio® is a great all-rounder with a unique composition of four top quality ingredients:

  • QuattroCardio is a great all-rounder with a unique composition of four top quality ingredients:
  • high dose of easily absorbable omega-3 fish oil (EPA and DHA), more than 95% per capsule: contributes to the normal functioning of the heart(1), brain(2) and eyes(2)
  • extremely pure form of vitamin K2: helps to maintain strong bones
  • highly effective vitamin D3: this ‘sunshine vitamin’ contributes to keeping your bones strong and to good functioning of your immune system and muscles, without the harmful effects of actual sun exposure
  • coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinol): this vitamin-like substance is found in all our body cells

With a daily intake of (1) at least 250 mg EPA+DHA and (2) 250 mg DHA

Boost for Women a Men over 35

QuattroCardio boosts your overall health. Think of it as a life saver in a single package, benefitting both men and women over the age of 35.

  • A convenient Single Blister pack with 2 types of Softgels and 1 Tablet
  • Softgel with 93% Concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil (EPA and DHA)
  • Softgel with Ubiquinol Coenzyme Q10
  • Tablet with Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3
  • Certified for Maximum Purity
  • Certified from Sustainable Fisheries, Exclusively from Nonendangered Fish Species • No Colourants
  • No Beef Gelatine, suitable for Pesco-vegetarians
  • No Fishy Smell
  • Added Orange Flavour
  • No Burping
  • Gluten-free - Lactose-free


The unique composition of QuattroCardio® will undoubtedly benefit your health, at a very affordable price!
A closer look at the four top quality ingredients:

1. Scientifically Proven Omega-3 Formula

If you are looking for a pure fish oil supplement, QuattroCardio is your best choice. This complex provides you with no less than 622 mg EPA and 420 mg DHA per softgel in the easily absorbable r-triglyceride concentration (r’TG). The EPA+DHA amount is ideal to raise your omega-3 levels (also called omega-3 index) above the recommended 8%. In addition, the omega-3 fatty acids in QuattroCardio are produced in the mildest way currently available by a single unique cold and environment-friendly technology, that filters all traces of heavy metals from the raw fish oil.

2. Coenzyme Q10 in User-Friendly Format

Coenzyme Q10 exists in two interchangeable chemical forms, ubiquinone and ubiquinol. Our bodies’ ability to convert ubiquinone into ubiquinol, however, declines with age. So taking a ubiquinol supplement over the age of 35 is recommended: this ready-to-use form of coenzyme Q10 does not need to be converted anymore. QuattroCardio® supplies 100 mg ubiquinol a day, whereas food contains this form only in lower quantities. Ubiquinol is mainly found in offal (e.g. pig’s heart, 20 mg/100 g) and to lower extent in poultry (e.g. chicken leg 2 mg/100 g) or fish (e.g. trout 1 mg/100 g). Until recently it was impossible to process ubiquinol in a stable form for supplements, as technically it is not easy to extract ubiquinol in large quantities. That is why most coenzyme Q 10 supplements today still contain ubiquinone. A Japanese company has now succeeded in producing a stable form of ubiquinol. We only use these easily absorbable, original Japanese capsules for QuattroCardio®.

3. Vitamin K2 as Mk-7, Similar to the Traditional Japanese Breakfast

The main component of the traditional Japanese breakfast is natto. It is made of fermented soy beans, has a pungent smell and is quite sticky, which does not make it particularly attractive to Westerners. Fortunately, the superior form of vitamin K present in natto is also available as a supplement: the vitamin K2-type known as menaquinone 7 (MK-7). QuattroCardio® contains a daily dose of 90 mcg MK-7 as MenaQ7 crystals (MK-7 in over 95% purity) to help you maintain a normal bone structure.

4. Vitamin D3: Effective Physiological Action

Vitamin D comes in two major forms: vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol). D3 is mainly found in oily fish and is identical to the vitamin D produced by the body. Consequently, our bodies use D3 at least three times more efficiently than D2. Vitamin D3 helps to maintain a normal bone structure. It is also important for a well functioning immune system and for normally functioning muscles.

Directions of use for Adults

Two softgels and one pearl tablet daily, preferably with food. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Allergy Information

QuattroCardio may contain traces of soy proteins.

Other Guidelines

Store in cool (max. 25°C) and dry conditions, away from direct light. Do not freeze. Keep out of reach of small children. Food supplements cannot replace a varied and balanced diet or healthy lifestyle.

Additional Information

Pack: 30 softgels Omega-3,
30 softgels CoQ10,
30 pearl tablets Vitamin K2/D3.



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