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Organic Olio Extra Virgine di Oliva, La Montagnola

A blend of 4 olives Frantoio, Moraiolo, Don Carlo and Leccio dal Corno.
Eco-friendly cold extraction, no additives.
Nitrogen protected. Acidity: < 0,20%
Peroxide value: < 10 meg O2/kg

Flavour: slightly almond, slightly bitter with a delicate and harmonious peppery taste, enhanced by fresh notes reminiscent of new grass. An olive oil with a strong personality whose taste lasts in your mouth.

Color: brilliant green with golden yellow reflections

0,5 L


Extra virgin olive oil. Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

La Montagnola Extra Virgin Olive oil from 4 Italian organic olives

Olive oil has been adopted by the greatest Italian Chefs, as an essential component in their exclusive recipes. Olive oil has proven to offer great versatility for the preparation of soups, salads, bruschetta, fish and delicate sea-foods.

Following such a long tradition, La Montagnola estate produces an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from olives harvested from the trees planted on the rocky hills of the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) area of Umbria Colli Martani. We take a particularly care of the oil that is entirely produced, pressed and bottled in our estate. The product, of a very high quality, is obtained by personal selection of fruit from the very finest areas of production.

We start the harvest at the middle of October, the olives are picked up by hand and/or by appropriate machines that shakes the olive trees, then are pressed maintaining the temperature lower than 27 C – 86 F, no more than 24 hours from the harvest. The low temperature doesn’t modify the harmonic composition of the oil’s natural substances, obtaining in such a way the best quality of the final product. The main variety of olives grown is Frantoio, Moraiolo, Don Carlo and Leccio dal Corno and the result is an intense green and harmonically fragranced extra virgin olive oil.

The olive oil acidity expressed in oleic acid percentage has an average of < 0,20%

Eco-friendly Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive wastes make it to green “Energy of the Future”.

  • Olive pits are burned for heating the factory building.
  • Olive paste (leftover after oil extraction) is turned into biogas for generating electricity in the factory building, as well as for feeding the natural gas pipeline network.

Serving suggestions :

Great to be served on soups, salads and bruschetta. It pairs well with all the mediterranean dishes.



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