WHC is a unique brand bringing the purest and most environmentally friendly Omega-supplements to the world market. 

Belgian-born Jo Wyckmans created WHC back in 2013 after years of experience in the field of EFA’s.

He always had a genuine passion for seeking out the best quality rather than being motivated by marketing tactics.

More than 20 years ago, WHC-founder Jo Wyckmans was a true pioneer. 

He was the first to introduce the high-dose Omega-supplements purified and concentrated by KD Pharma via a unique environment-friendly process called Supercritical SFC extraction. 

From the beginning, a very close collaboration started between Jo Wyckmans and dr. Rudi Krumbholz (KD Pharma) in close partnership with Belgium’s University of Antwerp to analyze purity levels and concentrations.

This exclusive collaboration created a massive change in the world of omega-3 fish oils.

Today, more than 20 years later, this partnership continues to pay off:  WHC Labs still markets its omega-3 formulas exclusively made by KD Pharma 
based on many years of close collaboration, both of marine origin and completely vegan formulas.

All WHC marine and Vegan oil supplements are 5-star IFOS and are ranked as N°1 on Labdoor.com

The UnoCardio 1000 of the WHC range is the N°1 best-selling Omega-3 in China’s Alibaba T-mall and JD.com at this moment.