WHC is a unique brand bringing the purest and most environmentally friendly Omega-supplements to the world market. Belgian-born Jo Wyckmans created WHC. He always had a genuine passion for seeking out the best quality rather than being motivated by marketing tactics.

More than 20 years ago, WHC-founder Jo Wyckmans was a true pioneer, as he was one of the first to introduce high-dose Omega-3-supplements in Europe and has always been actively involved in studies that demonstrate the importance of Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) in our diet. He now feels experienced and confident enough to introduce ‘the very best of the best’

Omega-3-supplementation worldwide, including the US and Asia.  All WHC fish oil supplements are 5-star IFOS and are ranked as N°1 on Labdoor.com.  UnoCardio 1000 of the WHC ranges of supplements is an N°1 best-selling Omega-3 in China’s Alibaba T-mall online. 

These incredible supplements have been created with one clear goal: provide the highest possible quality, purity, and safety, with an excellent, demonstrated pharmaceutical quality and the highest Omega-3 concentration as a result. The production respects optimum composition and complies with the strictest eco-management standards.

WHC Omega supplements are available online through WHC Labs Ltd. and via worldwide distribution channels. You’ll find these in a select number of pharmacies and health food stores too. Buying via our website will give you access to very favorable prices. You also will help others in the process since WHC Labs Ltd. invests in studies and collaborates with non-profit organizations within the healthcare sector.